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A little bit about this Blog January 18, 2010

Posted by avidgoldfield in Daily Thoughts.
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Updates on this site aren’t as obvious as on other blogs where main focus lies in the number of posts. In this blog the number of posts might not be as frequent as the number of updates I do on the actual book project. I’ve decided to write the book through pages on the blogg. And the posts are just for keeping a diary on the progress and for expressing some thoughts I might have or as in this instance deliver news or information about the project.

I feel like an infant blogging since its my first attempt. But I’m having lots of fun with this and learning the other Social Medias out there. If you have any ideas on what I can do to promote my book, please let me know. Im eager to learn.

I have a mentor in Social Media, he’s the one who inspired me to write this book for free online. ^^ You can find him here https://twitter.com/sliceonline

My goal is to update the book with a minimum of “a sentence a day” so check the prologue page and in the future the chapter pages that will come.

And with that I bid you all a Good Night cause here in Sweden where I live, its pretty late already.

With Regards – Patrik

ps. Spread the word!



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