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What inspires me to write this novel January 25, 2010

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YouTube – Qigong Demo with John Chang

Here’s one of my inspirations in writing “Avid Goldfield – It’s not an illusion”


Prologue continues 25jan2010 January 25, 2010

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If you haven’t read the prologue from the beginning start here

His reason was strangely soothing, so clinical and obvious that it almost felt like she was the unnatural one who ‘couldnt’ read thoughts. “Is it something you’ve been thought or something you were borned with?” she asked, her curiosity had always been greater than her self-preservation.
It’s not always that healthy to be so curious, but in her job a great portion of curiosity was only a merit.
“I shall answer all your questions during the interview, it’s not very polite to question someone over the phone” he said. She took out her pocket calendar from her purse to check for a suitable time and date. “Lets see, how long do you think the interview will take?” she asked him, while shifting through the pages in the calendar to the closest date with some free time. After a couple of minutes of silence he answered “Not more than approximately a week I would think.” She almost swallowed her own tongue “Not more then a week?!” she echoed “You want a freaking book written or what?!”
“You could say that” he answered “I want my memories printed” Now she was certain, he was a certified moron. “I’ll have to check with my boss if this can be manageable, thats way longer than I would have anticipated” she said. “Ok fine, call me back when you know for certain that you can do the interview.”