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Prologue update 26jan2010 January 26, 2010

Posted by avidgoldfield in Daily Thoughts.
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If you haven’t read the prologue from the beginning then start here

After she hanged up her phone she called her boss. The reaction she got from her boss was hardly what she would have expected. “Are you crazy woman?” he asked her. “Do you even know who Avid Goldfield are?”
“Not exactly” she answered him. “First time I saw him was at that street performance I just mentioned. Her boss could almost not contain himself “He’s one of our times biggest illusionist and he has never before even given as much as an interview. Theres almost no information at all about him the man behind the illusions. All that is known is that he’s extraordinarily good on the stage, he’s one of a kind!”
She started to realize how big this story could be. Her boss told her to take as much time as she needed and he would personally make sure to cancel any appointments she might have. She were supposed to ask mr Goldfield if he would allow an article series with sneak peaks on the memoire and some articles about his life.
After hanging up on my boss I called Avid Goldfield right away. He answered instantly at the first signal “Tomorrow we meet at dawn at shall we say ‘undisclosed location’?” She snorted loudly and answered “If you continue to read my mind there wont be an interview at all. It is  highly inappropriate and not nice at all.” He laughed like a boy and said “You would never allow yourself to miss this opportunity, besides your way to curious right wish is one of the main reasons I picked you for this, but I promise, I’ll stop answering ahead of time and let a normal conversation lead to the answers.”



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