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Some locations and characters have had their names changed to protect the lead characters identity.

Some days you wish that you hadn’t even gotten out of the bed, today was such a day. The morning had started with a minor delay since the alarm clock for some non apparent reason had refused to buzz. At the breakfast coffee was spilt on the new blouse. On the way to the days first interview one of the heels broke and when she arrived at the location of the interview it hade been canceled due to an delayed flight. It wasn’t hard to see why she hade started to wonder why she even got out of the bed. On her way to the headquarters she spotted a gathering of people blocking the pathway. Curious as she was and with time on her side, she decided to find out what hade drawn the attention of the crowd. The advantage of being an attractive woman in a situation like this, being in the back of the crowd, was that just a little smile here and a wink there and suddenly she was at the front row. In the middle of the crowd there was what appeared to be a middle aged man dressed in cowboy boots, blue jeans and a white t-shirt with the words “I’m a true magician” in black letters written on the front and when he turned around there was another text with the sentence “Try to disprove me” in dark red.

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He hade chestnut colored and curly hair and what appeared to be blue eyes, but it was hard to discern at that distance. He spoke to the audience with a clear and gentle tone of voice in a way that seemed to make the listener remember happier times. “Ladies and Gentlemen, both adult and child, is there anyone among you brave enough to dare volunteer for a magic experiment of mine?” a number of hands raised through the crowd immediately and there was an exited mumble all around. Amongst all those hands raised up towards the sky where my own, even though I hardly hade seen anything of the show yet. Perhaps it just felt as if this day couldn’t get any worse only better, or perhaps it was my childish curiosity towards all that is magic.
His eyes glanced over the audience, finally he closed his eyes, straightened an arm and pointed with a finger then he started spinning around and round and round on the spot. After a while he was spinning so fast that a mere glance at him made you dizzy. One second he was spinning so fast that all colors and shapes seemed to blur together and in another second he was suddenly completely still standing there on the street pointing. He opened up his eyes and they seemed to burn into hers. She felt like he was saying “You there come here”. But without bothering about that feeling she said aloud “Is it me?”. He smiled and answered “Yes its you!”.

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She pushed her way through the audience and eventually stood right in front of him, she could feel her cheeks blush when he stared intensely into her eyes. “Are you ready for the big finale” he asked the audience. A loud and clear “YES!” could be heard from the audience. He walked towards Sara and placed his hands on her shoulders without taking his eyes of hers. She could feel pleasant chills spread all over her body. But the feeling subsided and was instantly replaced by sudden pain when he pinched her shoulder, as if he where hooking something on them.
Surprised she let out a squeal, not really an ouch, but close enough. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine” he whispered reassuringly in her ear before he took a couple of steps back from her. Then he said with a thundering voice, as if enhanced by a megaphone, “Behold the great finale” and raised his arms towards the sky while chanting “O spirits of the sky, bestow on me the power to upheave the laws of gravity!”. Pointing his arms towards Sara he continued the chant “Lift this woman towards the sky, lift, lift, lift…”, Sara could feel how something started to pull her shoulders and tried to lift her, slowly, slowly she started to float up towards the sky, higher and higher until her feet’s where higher than everybody else’s heads. It wasn’t that high in general, she hade jumped these heights before, but it was the unnatural feeling of how she was suspended in the air that gave the slight vertigo. She could hear an “Ooh” from the audience, but only barely since she hade her hands full just trying to keep her own senses under control. Suddenly she could see someone in the corner of her eyes closing in from below, it was the magician with a big smile saying a simple “Hi!”. He surprised her so that she couldn’t keep from laughing out loudly and forget all about fear and vertigo.

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Closing in slowly getting close enough to whisper he said “The Name is Avid Goldfield” he reached out a hand and she accepted it all to perplexed to react in any other way “Sara Novell” she answered his greeting.
“I already know who you are and what you work with, that’s why I picked you. I want to give you the opportunity to interview me.” He gave her a serious look and continued “It wont give you any Pulitzer, but I believe you will regard it even higher in the end” he winked at her and started to sink towards the ground. But wait, what about me?! She thought and then she could feel how she slowly started to sink down towards the ground. Why should she care about interviewing a magician? It should probably be put on the entertainment crews table, not hers. How could it be more fulfilling then being rewarded a Pulitzer? She was intrigued. What triggered in her was her curiosity, the very core that made her a journalist to start with. Something about this man made her believe in real magic and it wasn’t because of the cocky t-shirt he was wearing. No the t-shirt only made her doubt him being anything else but real. The illusion in itself was very impressive indeed but she herself had felt the pressure when he had hooked her on to whatever kind of contraption he was using. When finally she once more could feel the ground under her feet’s an overwhelming feeling of relief washed over her, even though she was certain that he hade hooked her up to some kind of contraption hidden somehow she had still felt nervous about being suspended in the air like she had been.

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“I want to thank the wonderful audience” the magician said. He lift his cowboy hat of his head and put it upside down on the ground and said “Those of you who appreciated my show should feel free to contribute to my continued survival so that I one day once again might perform for you all at another occasion.” She wasn’t the only one reaching for her wallet, everywhere around her she could hear the rustle of money. Suddenly he stood in front of her and placed his hands over hers “Not you” he said “If you liked the show, then instead of giving me money, you could contribute by promising me an interview instead.” When he pulled his hands away from hers there was a business card laying neatly in her palm. “Call me with time and date suitable for you” he said. She put the card in her handbag without any intention to call at all. That’s when she realized that the wires or whatever he hade used to winch her up into the air must still be hooked up on her shoulders. “Excuse me! But shouldn’t you release the wires?” He smiled and answered “Which wires?” and then he picked up his cowboy-hat which seemed to be filled up to the brim with what appeared to be mostly big bills and placed it on top of his head. At the same time as she was about to say something more about the wires, she thread her hands on her shoulders and back trying to discern where they where, amazement run through her as she realized that there was nothing there. Her jaw must have dropped down because he said “Close your mouth and call me with a suitable time for the interview instead, everything will be revealed then. As I said before, you wont get a Pulitzer but it will be a life-changing moment.”

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Then he walked away while everybody followed him with their eyes, he rounded a corner and disappeared, literary disappeared. There where a couple of people from the audience that had followed him around the corner and as soon as they turned the corner they all raised their voices like in a choir and said “He’s gone!”. That’s when she decided that perhaps she should call him after all.

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That day she didn’t call and neither the day after, due to certain circumstances it would take two weeks before she finally called. She had found the business card in her handbag when she did her monthly cleanup of old receipts. The card was antique-white with a silver lining, on the front-side it said ‘Avid Goldfield – It’s not an illusion’ with a mobile-number and on the other side it said ‘A real magician!’. She mused at the recollection of the show and decided to call right away. Even though it might turn up to be a cheap way of seduction she didn’t really mind a bit of excitement in her life. On the other hand, if it really was an interview he was after, it might already be too late. I didn’t take long for him to answer, in fact he answered at the very first signal and the first thing he said was “You took your due time Sara.”
She got so surprised that she couldn’t say a word for quite a while, it felt like an eternity even though just a moment passed before he continued “Have you found a time for the interview?”

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When she had collected her thoughts her surprise turned into anger and fear at the thoughts of being potentially bugged by a psycho. How else could he know that she was calling him at that moment if it where not for him having her under supervision somehow. “Calm down, thats not all the reason I knew you called at this moment” he said on the other side of the line. Her hearth skipped a beat and she was momentarily unable to breathe. She could feel the creeps down her spine. Had she said her thoughts out loud? No she was certain she hadn’t spoken out with her voice. The man on the other end of the line said “No, you didn’t say out loud what you thought in your mind.”
She threw the phone away without thinking. It hit the floor with a loud cracking sound. Shaking she sat down in her couch, breathing and trying to clear her thoughts. I can’t handle this, she thought. Thats when the phone started ringing, she picked it up without really thinking about it and answered, as if she was on auto pilot. It was the man again and without giving her a chance to say anything he said “Of course you can handle this!” She couldn’t contain herself anymore, she started laughing louder than she had ever laughed before. It was a crazy laughing as if she momentarily lost her mind. He asked her to calm down and she said “You can read minds?” In a way it seemed obvious he could but she needed to hear him say he could. “Yes, if i concentrate hard enough I can. I also need to have met the person whose mind I want to read to be able to read them.”

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His reason was strangely soothing, so clinical and obvious that it almost felt like she was the unnatural one who ‘couldnt’ read thoughts. “Is it something you’ve been thought or something you were borned with?” she asked, her curiosity had always been greater than her self-preservation.
It’s not always that healthy to be so curious, but in her job a great portion of curiosity was only a merit.
“I shall answer all your questions during the interview, it’s not very polite to question someone over the phone” he said. She took out her pocket calendar from her purse to check for a suitable time and date. “Lets see, how long do you think the interview will take?” she asked him, while shifting through the pages in the calendar to the closest date with some free time. After a couple of minutes of silence he answered “Not more than approximately a week I would think.” She almost swallowed her own tongue “Not more then a week?!” she echoed “You want a freaking book written or what?!”
“You could say that” he answered “I want my memories printed” Now she was certain, he was a certified moron. “I’ll have to check with my boss if this can be manageable, thats way longer than I would have anticipated” she said. “Ok fine, call me back when you know for certain that you can do the interview.”

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E10 NEW!
After she hanged up her phone she called her boss. The reaction she got from her boss was hardly what she would have expected. “Are you crazy woman?” he asked her. “Do you even know who Avid Goldfield are?”
“Not exactly” she answered him. “First time I saw him was at that street performance I just mentioned. Her boss could almost not contain himself “He’s one of our times biggest illusionist and he has never before even given as much as an interview. Theres almost no information at all about him the man behind the illusions. All that is known is that he’s extraordinarily good on the stage, he’s one of a kind!”
She started to realize how big this story could be. Her boss told her to take as much time as she needed and he would personally make sure to cancel any appointments she might have. She were supposed to ask mr Goldfield if he would allow an article series with sneak peaks on the memoire and some articles about his life.
After hanging up on my boss I called Avid Goldfield right away. He answered instantly at the first signal “Tomorrow we meet at dawn at shall we say ‘undisclosed location’?” She snorted loudly and answered “If you continue to read my mind there wont be an interview at all. It is highly inappropriate and not nice at all.” He laughed like a boy and said “You would never allow yourself to miss this opportunity, besides your way to curious right wish is one of the main reasons I picked you for this, but I promise, I’ll stop answering ahead of time and let a normal conversation lead to the answers.”

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That’s all for today ill continue another day…



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